Reasons for dating a baseball player

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How would you feel if your new boyfriend kept calling his ex?'The source, quoted in a US magazine, claimed that Hudson, 30, refused to be 'the other woman', saying: 'She said that if Madonna is what A-Rod wants then she can have him.'It broke her heart to break up with him, but she didn't have any choice.'Kate and A-Rod were having lots of arguments in the two weeks before they broke up.

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The pair were seen on several dates together in 2008, shortly after she split from husband Guy Ritchie. 'She gave A-Rod three chances to stop contacting Madonna.After the tournament he’s probably going to be too tired to get out of bed as well. Shortcomings aside, competitive tennis players certainly garner a lot of attention, much of that from the ladies.Even when he’s not at tournaments, he’ll constantly be practicing out on the court honing his skills, sculpting that body, glistening in the sun. Girls are always falling for them and doing whatever it takes to get the attention of a guy whose speciality is tennis, even if he has a significant other.Kate Hudson split with baseball star Alex Rodriguez because he still hasn't got over Madonna it has been claimed.The actress and Rodriguez - nicknamed 'A-Rod' - split last month.You may have seen me around, on the sideline of a game, or met me at your team’s end-of-season banquet. And although, throughout the first month of our relationship, my better half tried in earnest to teach me the intricacies of a forehand, there was one thing that became quickly clear: I came second to the disc. Just like baseball players may trade baseball cards; ultimate players trade jerseys.

You see, ultimate is more than just a game; ultimate players live and breathe ultimate: they go to ultimate parties, they spend copious amounts of time with teammates and opponents alike, they stream videos of ultimate from their desks at work, and they take vacations to exotic places… The first thing I noticed was the sheer time commitment. Evenings before a tournament, “jersey talk” ensued, which largely consisted of which jerseys would be most appealing during “trade night”.

Always fighting for themselves on the court they get caught up only with what is happening to them, which can certainly bleed over into everyday life.

He’s so used to training for himself, playing for himself and winning for himself that it’s pretty easier for you to fall to the wayside. If you date a serious tennis player, you’ll see that his whole world revolves around tennis.

I’m the “muggle” one of your ultimate friends is dating .

The “civilian” girlfriend your teammate references as when he tells you he has to miss practice when we fly out to a friend’s wedding. Before I dated an ultimate player, I hardly knew how to throw a disc, much less anything about the sport itself. ” The sound of his voice faded away as he hurried out the door, leaving behind him the only remnants of his quick stop home: the trails of black rubber pellets that dropped from his cleats during his hasty exit. The sight of colorful piles of jerseys on our bed before every tournament became all too familiar.

We’ll tell you why you might want to think twice before shacking up with another tennis guy.