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To do so, they need a man who was once a vessel for that which they seek to rebuild.

For many, the dripping splatters or scribbles seem haphazard and simplistic, not unlike something an average toddler might do with a set of finger paints.

She even went as far as to place her glasses on his table, near his computer, yet his eyes remained transfixed on its monitor, despite the dark circles underneath, and veins of blood that overtook, his eyes.

Even the sound she made as she closed the door failed to disturb the blond genius.

Having failed to alert the bespectacled blond to her arrival, Cassidy soon dropped her pillow and stuffed animals onto the floor, following them only a second later, before covering herself with her blanket.

Despite all the commotion happening behind him, the young genius kept typing, completely absorbed in his work. had to be destroyed before he could take over the world with an army of robots and computers from all across the globe.

New allies will be found, questions will be answered, and X. She tried to run it through her brain as often as she could for reminders, but sometimes it slipped.

A.'s days dwindling, is everyone's superhero status assured in more ways than one? I caught this off a Sheltered Reality song, but I replaced ONE word. Jim had told her, Aelita, and the boys about it, but it confused them.

Once again, the media seems taken with the idea that a child’s art may be a joke on a self-important art world.

But Aelita’s journey to the center of the New York art scene raises deeper questions about what actually makes a prodigy and to what extent the artist even matters. Are prodigies culturally determined or are there scientific criteria?

Are her pieces only here, in one of the most influential art markets— and reportedly selling for five-figure sums—because she’s so young? When I arrive at the 18th Street gallery two blocks west of Chelsea’s blue-chip art district, Aelita seems like a typical little girl in bright pink sneakers. It is the day before the opening of “Oracle of Space," her third, solo New York show (her last was in June 2012).

This time, her current gallery is calling it a "pop-up" exhibition, since it runs only for a week, with the pieces then stored on Mott street for potential buyers to view.

They scattered themselves across the world, intentionally or not, and built lives far away from the memories of the war they fought.

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