Who is norma kamali dating

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At age 71, iconic fashion designer Norma Kamali has seen hundreds of trends come and go—and we're not just talking fashion trends.

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Me, though, I tend to be put off by sharp, shrill overnotes more than anything, and the dark richness of this is exactly the kind of thing I like. Opening the bottle was like opening an aged single-malt Scotch, an authoritative impact of fragrance that had been aged to a powerful, mellow perfection.

The vintage juice is a dark, rich, glorious brown that matches the "colour" of the scent, in my mind.

Never have felt so down and depressed in one place. Cons Norma Kamali herself does not know what she wants or needs to be done and does not accept the reality of her business and any changes.

Great line, bathing suits, coats, suits, but a lot of black and white. Great Press (Vogue, Instyle, Elle, all the biggest magazines ...)!

I love incense, but more to the point classic frankincense and myrrh combos.

I understand that this relies heavily on copal which I am not that familiar with or like.

I had a feeling about it, and I was right; it's perfect for me.

A very kind person on the internet gave me a tiny sample of Incense.

Rich, real, full, round, deliciously resinous, very very slightly smoky, clings beautifully to my skin.

(Not, on me, a projection monster as apparently it is for some. I don't want "a collection", I don't want a "fragrance wardrobe", I just wanted my next perfect scent. Samsara is a wonderful perfume that is a huge jasmine experience ,smoothed out with ylang and given a little lift with vanilla and tonka and then it expands beautifully with sandalwood . This is a gorgeous Guerlain perfume ,strong and with sillage and tenacity. It's just that these two feature a different type of incense. It's the size of a mickey, and very heavy and narrow, with a glamorous but impractical-looking stopper in it. I need to find a small spray or something to decant it. I'd recommend using a small flacon or vial and dabbing very small amounts (streaks, not even full drops). I did try Montale Full Incense, and liked it, although it reminded me more of Avignon (an Avignon with more body to it and less washing-machine cleaner).

I got a small vial of this in a trade, and it was love at first sniff.