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Don identifies strongly with Sandow because of his own love of body building and his own award-winning physique.He told his audience members that this was the most fun that he has ever had with a book.

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The two have since joined forces to hold fun, local events for moms who are looking for connection.

Robin Hieatt, a mom-of-two from Manor, Texas, says she started Moms Matched a few months ago after growing tired of awkward attempts at connecting with other moms at play dates and parks.

“I thought dating was over once you find your life partner, but that’s not the case.

Just as he was once committed to being a body builder contender, Tate has transferred that passion to writing, illustrating texts, and visiting schools year round.

He wants students to see that he is an African American male artist.

One of the dating services for meeting local people is Lubbock speed dating.

Based on a series of short planned introductions Lubbock speed dating allow singles to quickly meet people face to face in a safe and fun environment.You go to these playgrounds and play dates looking for moms you can spend your time with—someone who’s going through the same hellish-but-wonderful time as you are—but there’s embarrassment and anxiety about reaching out and trying to connect with other moms,” said Hieatt.After mulling over how to make real connections with like-minded moms, the idea struck her to begin holding mommy speed dating events.More specifically, they are speed-dating, mommy style, in an attempt to find a new MFF (Mom Friend Forever).Mom speed dating events are popping up all over the country—from the busy streets of New York City to the small towns of Texas.With humor and an enigmatic smile, Don shared that he has illustrated 50 books and “written 30 of which only three were published.” He likes to write about little-known historical figures and to introduce new subject matter to children, such as NASA engineer Lonnie Johnson.

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