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Though written in the wake of fresh horror, the story was guardedly optimistic until the very end, when it quoted a woman named Leslee Dart.The press agent for Woody Allen, Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, and many others, Dart spoke with the resigned serenity of a rehab counselor listening to yet another junkie vow a fresh start: "We have as a culture gone so far off the deep end, I think we have no choice but to go right back to where we were."She was right, of course, and she was wrong.

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This week, Street brings you two of our most highly–anticipated events of the year. Music gleaned campus' music-attuned community to bring you a fine looking crop of song recommendations, and Arts explores Philadelphia with Art History prof Julie Davis. And finally, make sure you pull out our Guide to Fling insert, choc-full of useful Flingformation.

This week, our cover story is all over Philly's Spiral Q Puppet Theater and their upcoming Peoplehood pageant (head to Clark Park this Saturday to get a glimpse in person! Highbrow has gossip and Mexican food, Ego loves sweaters, and Food and Drink takes a look at Sansom's new barbecue outpost. Our feature this week is a look at the West Philadelphia Recess Initiative (this would be why your ass is currently covered in chalk). No word as to whether Denzel will continue to travel to Philly to watch the Quakers in the flesh as he did for about half of last season. You'll just instantaneously wonder off and download the here.

All together now -- we've gossip and tales of lonely Fall Breaks in Highbrow, Ego of the Week (plus dog) Jessie Spellman and a glimpse at Philly's new casino in Ego and a Food and Drink section that will make you want to drink drink drink. The roster now sits at 20 players, still five above the League travel limit, but with injuries the Quakers will likely not have too much trouble making weight. So you probably won't even be reading the following paragraph.

We ventured to Sundance (and met James Franco, nbd) and brought you back all the best deets. Well, we suppose Street got a little jealous of all that wonderfully extensive DP and UTB coverage of all things midterm elections, and decided to hop on the bandwagon. Arts is all about public sculptures and Lowbrow has finally listened to what you have to say. Such as fantabulous Miss Julia Rubin, former Editor-in-Chief and this week's stellar Ego Of The Week interviewee. This week, Penn students walk us through their most embarrassing moments in our Fling-themed feature.

Street's always been a trend setter, but this week we were jet setters. Music sat down with tomorrow's SPEC Fall Concert headliners The Local Natives and just in time to get ready for Halloween, Film has a cinematic rundown of communicating with the dead. Music helps you pick out which headphones to rep on Locust Walk, and Film introduces you this year's Philadelphia Film Festival lineup. But then, you'll quickly realize that SHOUTOUTS won't be online until this afternoon, PSYCHE! Well, it's a good thing it has some very entertaining things made special for you.

Next week, the Supreme Court will hear a pair of cases involving same-sex marriage.

Harvard Law School Professor Michael Klarman has written a legal history of gay marriage, “From the Closet to the Altar: Courts, Backlash and the Struggle for Same Sex Marriage.” In the March-April 2013 issue of Harvard Magazine, which appears below, Klarman published an article on “How Same-Sex Marriage Came to Be.” His scholarship was also profiled in the Fall 2012 issue of the Harvard Law Bulletin in an article titled “The Courts and Public Opinion.” Fifty years ago, every state criminalized homosexual sex, and even the American Civil Liberties Union did not object.Today, opinion polls consistently show a majority of Americans endorsing such marriages; among those aged 18 to 29, support is as high as 70 percent.President Barack Obama has embraced marriage equality.ran a story about one of the unacknowledged victims of 9/11 — celebrity gossip.It started with a scene at a New York restaurant famous for its hospitality to famous people.An ECP is best used within 3 days (72 hours) of unprotected sex.

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