When did nelly ashanti start dating

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Tae, who was friends with Teyana Taylor, moved on to Teyana's now ex Brandon Jennings after her split with Nelly. Shortly after, they pair dated four months after the IG posting. As a woman, the moment that you found out that me and Brandon were engaged, because peep game, when it hit the blogs, I called her. What hurt even more was because Brandon said we never been anything.

With the release of her fifth album, Braveheart — her first in six years, out via her own label, Written Entertainment — Ashanti is looking to shed her reputation as rap's hook-singing sweetheart, and establish herself as a grown, self-assured woman, making songs that inspire other women to walk away from toxic relationships.I think it’s so crazy because it’s like every single artist has done it.Ashanti has these ‘social media streets’ singing a collective “Baby, baby, baby, baby, babyyyy” just like she sang back in the day. Because of the online photos she shared on Saturday (July 7, 2017). His caption implied he’d had some type of sexual encounter with the baby mama after the photo shoot back then: Loose Cannon then posted a throwback pic of Nelly’s current girlfriend, Shantel Jackson, when he auditioned her for an Apple Bottoms ad back in the day.Speaking from her home in New York City, the 27 year old songstress opened up to That Grape Juice about her comeback, album sales, feeling like an underdog, collaborating with Beyonce and co for charity single ‘Just Stand Up’, her relationship with a certain St. As ever, we don’t shy away from the questions you really want answers to. It was like “Oh I like this, lets try this, oh I like this too, lets try this instead, oh this is completely different for me, let’s see how this works’ (laughs). I put out my last album, ‘Concrete Rose’ back in ’04.Nelly reportedly dumped R&B singer Ashanti — after stringing her along for years.

The only problem with this story is that Tae is very well-known in the Atlanta lesbian community.Now, we already know Ashanti’s a beautiful woman, but when she posted her barely there bikini swimsuit pics, showing her thick thighs, ‘apple bottom,’ and tiny waist, her fans were like ‘Good Gawd girl! Throughout the years, Ashanti’s physique has taken on a life of it’s own and this time was no different. He, too, implied that he had sex with Shantel and that her new body was paid for by Floyd Mayweather.Check out her pics below and some of the comments her fans left… Loose Cannon seemed to taunt Nelly, by posting a bikini pic of Ashanti and labeling her his Women Crush Wednesday (#WCW) crush on Instagram: Nelly then responded by posting a throwback Apple Bottoms ad of himself with S. By the way, Floyd then posted an Instagram message on his page, telling his fans to go follow Loose Cannon- seemingly meant to be some side shade toward Nelly and Shantel as well: ** So, yeah…it got a lil’ heated for a minute and hopefully they’ve squashed their tension.What do you think of Jennings and Heckard's situation?On a particularly frigid afternoon in early March, Ashanti is finishing a day of promotional interviews at a place she calls home, New York City radio station Hot 97.Bill Cosby has been the subject of lawsuits over the current sex assault scandals and allegations against him.

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