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This app is now available on i OS and Android, and recently raised $500,000 in seed funding.

Jaimie, 21, is an aspiring musician and openly trans male currently living in Florida.Evanston vegan chef Brandon Byxbe said he came across a casting call two years ago for a new NBC dating show executive produced by Ellen De Generes for vegan singles.Byxbe, of Michigan, said he's found it challenging dating people in Chicago because he's not into the bar scene, so he filled out an application for the show and sat for an on-camera interview. Though the show wasn't what he thought it would be, Byxbe said he was "already, like, excited so I just stuck along for the ride." He is one of dozens of singles from around the country who agreed to be set up with a stranger on a date at MK restaurant on the Near North Side in July 2015."I wasn't really sure what I expected, but I got myself open to all sorts of possibilities and the show really made it seem like they were going to try to pair us up with people that we would like genuinely have something in common with, which sounded really fun," Byxbe told the Tribune by phone."My mom actually said to me 'I don't care if you like girls but why do you have to dress like a man?'" Jaimie says "It really wasn't about my sexual orientation ..."I just remember being as young as 5 and thinking I was going to grow up to be a guy." By the time Jaimie turned 15, he knew for certain that he was male, but he worried about coming out to his parents.

Though he now considers himself pansexual (in the sense that he believes that you fall in love with a person regardless of their gender) he initially came out as a lesbian to his mother, and her response showed that her issue was not with his sexual preferences, but with his gender identity and presentation.Although other popular dating apps, such as Tinder, Hinge, and, offer same-sex dating options, they do not let users self identify as anything other than a male or female. Magistrate Judge David Grand in the Eastern District of Michigan rejected the original claim by R. Then Wednesday, their second bid was rejected, with the federal judge ruling the information still isn’t relevant to Stephens’s discrimination lawsuit, brought on her behalf by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. “I want to be a girl, so if that’s the risk you take, I’m taking it. The six lanes go northwest past glass towers, then chic bars and salons, then strip malls and auto shops and empty industrial buildings, and eventually reaching the hulking beige Déjà Vu strip club near the southern tip of the park at the intersection of Six Mile Road.“Six Mile and Woodward?” the front-desk man at the Holiday Inn Express said. While the EEOC has previously applied Title VII to protect transgender people against workplace discrimination in cases brought before it, the lawsuit regarding Stephens and another one filed the same day in Florida marked the first time the federal agency proactively brought charges against workplaces, alleging those employers violated federal law.