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The proposed constitutional amendment would allow presidents and vice presidents of the country to run for another period, either continuously or alternately.

What on earth is keeping Paraguay from being the new Brazil? Paraguay is roughly the size of California and is sandwiched between Brazil and Argentina. The country is divided into departments, and the Rio Paraguay snakes up the central half of the country (its waist, if you will).But not everyone was a fan of the controversial sportsman.In 2001, he reportedly spat at Brazilian player Robert Carlos after a World Cup match between the two countries, followed by a comment that Brazil should return land it took from Paraguay in the 19th century. It’s often a reference point; a way to describe not only the feel of a destination, but the spirit of its people. It may be annoying, but it goes beyond mere aesthetics.The proposed amendment would allow those previously elected as president to run again for re-election.

A previous vote on the measure was rejected in August 2016.

Chilavert, who began his career in the early ‘80s, would go on to win this title a whopping three times throughout his career (1995, 1997, and 1998).

“He was part of the Paraguay side that competed at the 19 World Cups, playing a big part in his country’s progress to the second round in both,” says Bleacher Report of the 48-year-old.

At first glance, it may be difficult to see that there’s more to this hot spot than steaming mugs of matés and futból.

Rest assured, there are plenty of gentlemen from Paraguay that have been making their mark across the globe for their numerous talents.

On 26 April, the Chamber of Deputies of Paraguay rejected the proposed constitutional amendment for presidential re-election.

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