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The best part of the i Tunes App Store is that you don’t need to spend a single cent to fill your i Phone with amazing applications.

The apps are organized into ten categories, including business, productivity, and finance.

-- Pass Wallet is a password manager app that safely and securely stores your most sensitive data conveniently in your mobile phone or tablet.

We believe Pass Wallet to be the most stealthy, most secure and most convenient password manager ever developed for the Android smartphones and tablets!

It was only last Friday I told a roomful of Web developers that Apple is evil, and a spontaneous applause erupted. The i Phone’s Safari browser is one of the best mobile browsers available, and recent improvements in hardware acceleration have made it an excellent graphics platform that can handle serious 3D-animations written entirely in CSS.

Since then, however, I have changed my mind completely. It also supports Java Script geolocation, which is (I hope) only the first step towards true device APIs that will give Java Script developers access to phone functionality such as the camera, text messaging, the address book, and more. Best of all, if you want to update a Web app, you just put the updates on your Web server.

Some of the business apps require an existing account, and a few of the other apps are free for a limited time only so be sure to act fast! Be sure to also check out our roundups of 100 Incredibly Useful & Free Mac Apps, 100 Incredibly Useful & Free i Pad Apps and the all-new The Top 100 i Pad Apps!

Sales Force 1 – Sales Force 1 is your window on your business processes through your mobile.

I reviewed the apps I have on my i Phone, and most can be released as a Web app .

The exceptions are complex games that are both graphically and programmatically intensive, and apps that depend on device functions such as the accelerometer or GPS.

The app brings together all your CRM, Chatter and custom apps in a unified interface.

It provides an easy way to view and edit all of your records, analyse dashboards, and take action on record lists.

Welcome to the roundup of the best new Android applications, games, and live wallpapers that went live in the Play Store or were spotted by us in the previous 2 weeks or so. Passwords are hard, thanks to the thousands of logins required for modern digital living.

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