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Medicalodges offers a continuum of health care options which include in-home services, independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing home care, rehabilitation, specialized care, outpatient therapies, adult day care, as well as services and living assistance to those with developmental disabilities.

Commissioner Leonhard Caflisch main concern was that they fully comply with the ADA.

Read more about public school diversity statistics in Kansas or national school diversity statistics.

Federal prosecutors have charged a Kansas teenager who used bitcoin to buy a grenade on the dark web.

A criminal information filed Wednesday charges Carlos Francisco Martin of Coffeyville with receiving an explosive meant to destroy property.

Defense attorney Steven Gradert says his client is just "kind of a dumb 18-year-old kid" who wanted to blow up a truck as revenge because someone had damaged his mom's car. Gradert says the purchase initially drew the attention of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's terrorism task force because of the method of purchase.

My desire is for people to "feel a sense of comfort and growth through counseling."""Feeling comfortable and safe with a therapist is an important part of beginning the healing process.

It can be difficult to find someone you trust during traumatic or uncertain times in your life.

The tiger was killed and has been sent to Kansas State University for a necropsy.

Authorities said this was the first incident involving the sanctuary's animals since it opened in 1994 as a home to almost two dozen wild animals, including bears, lions, leopards and several species of tiger.

As violence grows on campus, more and more public school students face legal prosecution for their misbehavior.

Learn about the growing trend of legal consequences for on-campus fights and disobedience.

Coffeyville Community College's Director of College Relations Yvonne Hull says that's they have Freshman Move-In Day.