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Ring Designs of the Georgian Era Rings throughout the Georgian era often represented natural themes and intricate shapes.During this time, innovation in the use of gemstones - particularly large old world cut diamonds - occurred.

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By using a jeweler’s loupe to magnify the piece, you can analyze the setting to see if there are any hallmarks, country export stamps, or company signatures.

Each decorative period has its own signature trends that help us date items and spot reproductions.

Some of the more common periods include: Victorian (1835-1890): Finding diamond engagement rings from this era is difficult but not impossible, though the terms “Victorian” and “sentiment” go hand in hand.

An authentic Georgian ring is considered to be a piece produced during the reigns of Kings George I-IV and (lastly) William the IV.

Rings during this period crafted from 1714 to 1830 (sometimes considered up to 1837), often reflect a longing for the "good old days" of the Late Middle Ages and Renaissance years through their designs and styles.

When looking into any authentically antique vintage engagement ring from above, the culet should appear in the center.

The culet may be a circle, oval, octagon, or rectangular shape.Vintage jewelry is many things — nostalgic, unique, artistic, sustainable.But for some, buying vintage wedding rings is a twisted and confusing process, especially over the Internet.Below you will find the decorative styles, materials and metals used during the Georgian era plus tips that will help you to find an authentic Georgian ring.And if you have any questions or comments about rings made during this time, just use the comment box at the end of the page!To know what went into fabricating these pieces within a historical context is to appreciate their unique beauty on an entirely different level.