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Well, let Alice, a just turned 15-year-old with braces on her teeth, help explain exactly what that can mean. The trouble is, that figure represents only registered sex offenders — those naïve enough to use their real names, not those operating under aliases or those without convictions.Every day after school this week, she turned on her computer and logged on to My Space. The realfigure, experts say, could be five or eventen times higher."My Space is more than a place for friends to meet," warns Richard Blumenthal, the attorney general in Connecticut.

A child actor turned club promoter, Jackson is one of the most shameless voluptuaries on My Space, the social-networking Web site that, according to Com Score Media Metrix, had more page views in November than Google or e Bay. With a press of a button, live images are beamed on to Alice’scomputer. Everyone does it."It’s deeply unpleasant stuff but if American law enforcement officers are to be believed, it’s very much the thin end of the wedge. He says he is 19, but is clearly much older and won’t reveal where he is from. Instead he connects up his webcam and directs the camera on to his lower torso.The website has 160 million users worldwide and is the most popular of the handful of so-called social networking sites that are redefining theway in which children and young adults communicate with one another. In Britain alone, a staggering 93 per cent of 11 to 20-year-olds belong to these sites and use them almost every day - in the 21st century, teenagers make new "friends" online, not face to face. "It’s a playground forpredators seeking to prey on children."Having spent the past week posing online as that 15-year-old schoolgirl, Alice, I would wholeheartedly agree with that assessment.And so on Monday, Alice signs on to My Space and, with a few clicks of the mouse, meets a boy named Keith. And what makes the whole phenomenon so truly shocking is that this predatory behaviour is so widespread, so open and so seemingly unpoliced.To learn more about me just send me a message or catch me on aim, my screen name is johnkatehis92, my yahoo is [email protected], [email protected] my msn is [email protected]

You can ask me any kind of questions, I am always happy to chat with a new person.In his recent parenting book “Me, My Space and I,” Rosen says that parents’ My Space anxiety likely arises from their lack of understanding of what teens actually do on the social-networking site.A third of parents have never glimpsed their teen’s My Space page — and three-fourths do so less than once a month, according to his research.On the second level of a shopping mall in Costa Mesa, California, a short drive down the Pacific Coast Highway from Los Angeles, is a nightclub called Sutra Lounge.Don't let the location fool you: to the partying young suburbanites in these parts, there is nothing incongruous about a nightclub in a shopping mall.Jessica, who's 14 now, describes her sixth-grade self as a "really shy kid." Conversing with a stranger on My Space about the boy's family farm, parents and adolescent drama came easier than doing so with people she knew.

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