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Eyal Pfeifel: I think it's significant because it creates a new kind of engagement, which is around messaging person-to-person like most messaging platforms but also person-to-business or person-to-brand or person-to-publisher. The ability to be able to respond to many users, assuming we are not talking about a few single ones but maybe thousands, obviously a manual solution like putting a call center behind it is not practical.

At my company Dashbot, we’ve processed nearly 2 billion messages in the past 11 months.We used the same definition Localytics used when reporting on Mobile App Retention.For 30-day retention, we counted users who come back at any point within the 30 days after their initial visit.This Code of Conduct outlines our expectations for all those who participate in our community, as well as the consequences for unacceptable behavior.We invite all those who participate in our events to help us create safe and positive experiences for everyone.[MUSIC] Meet Bridget, she's just your average girl next door texting a new friend she made on her smart phone. Maybe someday soon, that's what Microsoft and Facebook are hoping for.

[INAUDIBLE] But the friend isn't human, it's a chatbot. But don't worry, today's bots aren't that advanced yet.

Localytics showed a 36 percent 30-day retention rate for apps, whereas we saw an average 34 percent 30-day retention for chatbots across platforms.

We can dive deeper into categories on Facebook and see retention for specific use cases.

With the news last week that Facebook is opening up new tools to developers that will make it easier to create these chat bots, Ad Age spoke with Imperson Chief Technology Officer Eyal Pfeifel about how these bots work and why brands might use them for marketing campaigns or customer service.

Brands like Disney have worked with tech firms like Disney-backed Imperson to create chat bots on Facebook's Messenger service so people can have conversations with computerized versions of characters like ABC's "The Muppets" star Miss Piggy without needing to staff an actual human on the other side of the conversation.

Since we are working with a big range of different speakers and panelists, the final agenda will be released around mid September.

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