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is vice president of MSHC Partners, where she mentors local government office holders who aspire to do more for their communities.She serves as a board member for My Sister’s House, the first and only non-profit organization to specifically identify and address the unique needs of women and children impacted by domestic violence in the Central Valley’s highly diverse Asian and Pacific Islander community.

It was also a big year for the European titans, with new films from Pedro Almodóvar (‘The Skin I Live In’), Wim Wenders (‘Pina’) and Lars von Trier (‘Melancholia’).

Thus, it pains me to point out how unpleasant and offensive Bastards (Les Salauds), her latest movie, actually is.

It’s a revenge thriller that’s almost as simply drawn as Charles Bronson’s two-dimensional Death Wish (1974) and in terms of pandering to the basest prejudices of its audience, it, incredibly, is reminiscent of the torture porn aspects of vile films like the Saw and Hostel series.

Under the headline, "Lew Didn't Answer Earthly Authority," NBC News describes that while working for Clinton, Lew’s home phone rang one Saturday.

He didn’t answer and the President’s voice could be heard from the answering machine, urging him to pick up the phone.

Mona’s work for the California Senate, the California treasurer, the Democratic National Committee, and on President Clinton’s White House staff has provided her with the opportunity to affect social policy and influence the political agenda on city, state and national levels.

The ability to help push the envelope for others to be heard as well as giving a voice to the community is the fuel behind her efforts: “This has always been my passion, to address issues that face the community.” Mona explained that her work with My Sister’s House is really about creating a safe environment, “to really make it a safer place” for the community at large.Lew and his wife Ruth have a home in the Bronx, where they are members of the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale.They also have an apartment in Washington and attend Congregation Beth Shalom of Potomac. Lew observes Shabbat, which means that he leaves the office on Friday afternoons in time to get home before sundown, and for the next 25 hours does not use electricity, including the telephone.First it was Joe Lieberman gaining notoriety as an Orthodox Jew running (unsuccessfully) for Vice President in 2000.Now comes the announcement of Jacob Lew being appointed by President Obama to serve in the powerful position of White House Chief of Staff.Elsewhere, some of us were enraptured by a quiet Italian movie about goats (‘Le Quattro Volte’), while others loved a tender tribute to silent cinema (‘The Artist’).